Does your IDEAL business really exist?

A business that offers you the highest level of compatibility and the best possibility to maximize your potential and profits? And what are the odds that you already know about, or are even currently involved in, this IDEAL business?

If you're like most of the other 50 million aspiring entrepreneurs in North America, you simply don't know what your ideal business is. And not knowing this has stopped you from accomplishing your life's goal of achieving freedom and financial stability. You dream of starting your own business and being your own boss but you don't even know where to start.

This book will show you how to find the perfect business for you and so much more, including how to build, grow and profit from your most ideal business.

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  1. START NOW! is not just another book about "startups" and the maverick entrepreneurs that normally launch such risky endeavors. Quite the opposite! This book is about practical, time-tested strategies and specific advice for anyone to FIND, BUILD, and PROFIT from his or her ideal business. The business doesn't have to be a tech startup or be based on a new brilliant idea or a disruptive business model. This book will help you find YOUR ideal business, whether it be a franchise, social marketing company, or a business model that you didn't even know existed.
  2. START NOW! is the amazing story of how aspiring entrepreneurs are getting into businesses NOW and succeeding despite the challenges they face in today's economy! You'll love it because it's written in down-to-earth language and it includes detailed steps and guides to help you begin, grow and profit from just about any business you would like to start or find through reading this book.
  3. START NOW! is about igniting an entrepreneurial revolution. Real entrepreneurship! Not just the run of the mill business startup everyone is talking about. This book is about empowering motivated, aspiring entrepreneurs and inspiring them to fulfill their dreams of business ownership.
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About The Authors

Frank Codina

Frank Codina started his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 19 when he was recruited right out of college to become a sales rep at a Fortune 500 company. He quickly climbed to the position of Regional Vice President by 1993, and Senior Vice President in 1999. In that same year, Frank moved to Madrid, Spain to be a co-founder of a new financial services startup created with the backing of Citigroup. By 2005, Frank had returned to the US and started to transition slowly into angel investing where he discovered his passion for technology. That passion led him to become the founder and general partner of NEURS Capital; an early seed investment firm focused on fast growing technology ventures. Realizing a great need and an opportunity, Frank co-founded and became CEO of NEURS.com (NEURS LLC). He lives in Miramar, FL with his wife and two boys.

Dr. Denis Cauvier

Dr. Denis Cauvier is a professional speaker / business consultant and the author of 10 business and self-development books, including the international bestselling book The ABCs of Making Money (co-authored by Alan Lysaght). He has spoken to over 1 million people across North America, and 50 other countries. He has been interviewed in the following publications: New York Times, LA Times, CBS, ABC, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MSNBC, and Forbes. He is a renowned business expert and consultant to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, over one hundred millionaires and several billionaires. Denis' passion for entrepreneurship led him to become a co-founder and executive with NEURS.com (NEURS LLC) and the Dean of the NEURS University training curriculum. He and his wife, their two daughters and their grandson live in Ontario, Canada.